Securing Barclays Tech Internship with Non-tech Background

My name is Ebun, I am a student at the University of Warwick and I study Modern Languages. I became interested in the technology sector about a year ago when in my first year of university and I was interested in broadening my general professional interests. I had previously assumed technological careers were limited to STEM students but after speaking to a few people currently working in technology and seeing how diverse their backgrounds were, I decided to pursue it actively for the first time.

How did I get my internship?

I connected with people with more experience in technology like STEM students or non-STEM students that had done internships I was interested in to get their advice. One good way to do this is to search for a company's employees on LinkedIn and filter by the people that have gone to your university or school so you can speak to people you have something in common with. I also attended technology events hosted SEO London and Bright Network that gave me some personal insight into technology and made me consider if it's something I really wanted. It also motivated me to start an online course in web development to see if technology is something I could actually enjoy. Throughout my journey I had the help of members of the TAP team, particularly when learning to code and solving different problems.

My top tips:

  1. Practise video interviews because I could only get better at interviews through practise.

  2. Start application season with relatively easier applications so you don't get put off by the process and can build up to the more challenging ones. Conversely, if you choose to start with a really hard application than I did, it will only make the ones that come after seem a little easier.

  3. Focus on your transferable skills when you aren't from a STEM background like me because I don't have background in technology but I have had to solve problems in previous positions which is essentially what tech is about.

  4. If you can take an online course to learn more about tech and its applications, go for it. there are lots of free or low-fee online courses available especially now that more people are learning from home.

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