'Introduction to Coding' in collaboration with SEO London

After our first successful ‘Intro to Coding’, we held our second webinar series in collaboration with SEO London on the 11th-12th May 2020. This was a two-part webinar series where we explored the basics of python and answered questions regarding careers in technology. We had an amazing turnout, with over 250 attendees from all over the world.  

The webinar successfully covered programming fundamentals with an easily digestible approach for beginners. This enabled attendees to create their own multi-user login system in python, through encompassing coding basics such as variable declarations, print statements, while loops and two-factor authentication. It gave us great pleasure to see attendees, especially those from non-STEM backgrounds, proactively pursuing new programming concepts. Coding and programming is integrated within so many domains and is the language of the modern world. Hence, learning how to code is an extremely useful skill to possess and the team at TAPintoTech is dedicated in supporting people to do so.

To close the webinar, we held a question and answer segment, where attendees were given the opportunity to ask any questions regarding careers in tech. We had representatives from the team (Memo Ali and Ebun Adebanjo) voice how they became interested in technology and their experiences in securing tech internships despite being from a non-STEM background. This effectively reiterated that the technology sector is more accessible than most people think and, in fact, requires people with different skill sets.

Thank you to everyone at SEO London for facilitating this webinar and to the TAPintoTech team, especially those who contributed to the webinar (Ahmed Al-Saied, Chibudom Onuorah, Ebun Onanuga, Ebun Adebanjo, Memo Ali and Dilan Aziz).

A huge thank you to everyone who attended, the turnout and feedback has been amazing. Be sure to stay up to date for more events like this in the future.

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